Bosky: Having trees or shrubs; slang for tipsy


Yes, we ship (sort of)

Shipping wine is like trying to pass a bill through Congress, or, similarly, a kidney stone through your urinary tract. Some states allow shipping direct to consumers; some don't. Some states tax the wine. Others simply impound it. So... for the time being we will ship within Michigan to our loyal customers who can't make the trip up north. We have boxes that hold six bottles and boxes that hold 12. Regular bottle and case prices apply (see wine list). If you want to calculate your shipping costs, there's a nifty calculator here. See case dimensions and weight below. We add $5 packaging costs for six bottles and $8 for 12. To place an order or to get an estimate you can email me at


Actual kidney stones

These are actual kidney stones, pictured
next to a match for comparison.

NASA is trying to figure out how to land a
small spacecraft on these. 

Case dimensions and weight

A fully laden case of 12 bottles weighs 40 pounds.


Height: 16 inches

Width: 13 inches

Length: 20 inches


A half case of six bottles weighs 20 pounds.

Height: 10 inches

Width: 13 inches

Length: 20 inches

Boskydel is open

1-5 p.m. daily,     
7 days  a week.


phone: 231-256-7272