Bosky: Having trees or shrubs; slang for tipsy

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The tasting room at Boskydel, though small, holds a treasure trove of artwork, witty sayings, photos and various and sundry curiosities. Many customers spend hours staring at the walls in an effort to bring some sort of completion to the Boskydel experience.

A story lurks behind every object. There is, for example, a caricature of Ronald Reagan dressed in a strange costume holding the ear of a large dog. What can that possibly mean? And why is Sam the butcher from "The Brady Bunch" laughing so hard in a photo with Bernie? Why did Germans use wicker baskets shaped like backpacks to pick grapes in the Mosel River Valley? Where did the name of the winery come from and how is it related to an English professor from Avon, Ohio?



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Boskydel Vineyard

Boskydel Vineyard


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