Bosky: Having trees or shrubs; slang for tipsy

Wine Nazi?

In some parts of Leelanau County, Bernie is affectionately referred to as "the Wine Nazi." This is an allusion to the character of the "Soup Nazi" as seen on the TV show Seinfeld and in no way should be construed as an affiliation with the German Nazi Party, in power from 1933-1945. Like the soup nazi, Bernie can be slightly dour and/or intimidating, with an apparent distaste for customer service. In reality, he is an iconoclast who enjoys good wine and good conversation with like-minded individuals.

Is he a curmudgeon? Yes, but at 90 years of age, who isn't? And do you really want the same old Stepford winemaker, proclaiming the virtues of his latest grand cru, or his magical feat of achieving secondary fermentation in the bottle? No, of course not.

Also, as a small winery, Bernie has a steady supply of regular customers who come back every year to restock their wine cellars. The tasting room is really small and not designed to handle large amounts of visitors who drink the equivalent of one bottle and then buy a bottle on their way out the door. That's called breaking even - not a good way to run a business. It may seem unfriendly, but it's Bernie's reality.

By the way, Bernie's real mission is to bring good quality wines to ordinary people at reasonable cost. That may seem like a contradiction, but iconoclasts excel at that.


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